April 25, 2015

AC Solar

enphase website

We now install Enphase energy™ AC micro inverter solar systems which are generally more efficient than DC systems.

Enphase home energy solution, look here and we explain all the components.

Have a look here to learn how a Enphase energy™ AC micro inverter solar system works or have a look at the video.

Once you have had a look at how the Enphase energy system works, have a look at how it handles shading

We currently use the S230 micro inverter which is suitable for panels up to 285w
The S270 micro inverter which is suitable for panels up to 350w is also available.
Compare the S230 and S270 micro inverters.

Meet the brains behind the Enphase system, the Enphase Envoy.

And finally the last link, the software, Enphase Enlighten which allows system owners to track their energy production, monitor their system’s health, and share their data.

Enphase battteries
Enphase Storage is now here in Australia, please have a look here at the Enphase battery system.

Now you have a better understanding of the Enphase Energy system, have a look at this info on micro inverters v DC optimisers.

An off grid Enphase Solar & Battery installation, done as a demonstration in Melbourne. Please look here.

Storage 101, look here and all your questions are answered.

For info on STC’s have a look at the info at Trade in Green.
The Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator STC Calculator

Please email us for a site visit and quotation.