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SA Unique Electrical Pty Ltd specialise in electrical, communication, data and AC Solar solutions for any environment.

We are Looking for a Full time Electrician

  • Are you an experienced & qualified A Class Electrician looking for a new opportunity in the industry?
  • We are seeking a skilled and reliable Electrician to join our team.
  • We are a small electrical contractor working in the Adelaide Hills covering commercial, industrial and domestic work.
  • Looking for you to start as soon as possible

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Clipsal Iconic, Clipsal have released a new range of electrical accessories range, based on a slim, sleek, clean design that is easy to customise and blends in with your environment. Please have a look here

Enphase battteries
Enphase Storage is now here in Australia, please have a look here at the Enphase battery system.

An off grid Enphase Solar & Battery installation, done as a demonstration in Melbourne. Please look here.

Enphase Storage 101 Look here and all your questions are answered.

Enphase home energy solution, look here and we explain all the components.

Have a look at the latest Smoke Alarm information from Clipsal and the MFS

Clipsal have opened a new showroom, please have a look here.

We now install Enphase energy™ AC micro inverter solar systems which are generally 10% more efficient than DC systems, with some systems measuring up to an 18% increase in performance over an equivalent DC system. Have a look here to learn how a Enphase energy™ AC micro inverter solar system works. Please have a look at our solar page

SA Power Networks have updated their network fees and charges, including changes to tariff demand, for residential customers please look up the residential SAPN info here. For Commercial customers please look up the commercial SAPN info here .

Clipsal have released a new range of flush switches which are very modern, have a look at the Clipsal Saturn Zen range here

Clipsal Wishlist™ is a web-based home electrical planning app, designed to make home renovation and building even easier for your customer. This hands-on approach allows them to choose their Clipsal electrical products and generate a bill of materials (at recommended retail pricing and does not include the cost of installation), they then select you as there electrician and the bill of materials is forwarded to the electrician for final pricing including the cost of installation.

When am I getting the NBN? Have a look here.

Clipsal have released their new “Essential Checklist” as an online interactive book click here to go to it.

We have now added an online PayPal or credit card payment solution via our website, look for the “Payment” tab at the top.

Make sure you are using an appropriately licensed tradesman

We recently under went an audit (which we passed, of course!), but one of the auditors topics of discussion was unlicensed or not appropriately licensed trades people working in the industry, to help you know what is needed please read on.
Electricians, must have (a) an Electrical Workers License and (b) an Electrical Contractors License to enable them to carry out work for a fee, if they don’t have both (a) and (b) then you are NOT covered by the workers/company insurance (ask to see their policy certificate of currency) and your house / building / commercial insurance will be VOID if anything happens as a result of the work done.
If a worker only has (a) an Electrical Workers License they MUST be employed by (b) an Electrical Contractor to charge a fee for their work.
To check an Electricians license: Click here
Air Conditioning installation also requires an ARCTIC license to do the work, a TRADING license to purchase or sell gas and a BUILDING CONTRACTORS LICENSE and a BUILDING SUPERVISORS LICENSE to install or remove an air conditioner on ANY structure.
To check a Refrigeration / Air Conditioning license: Click here
To check a Building license: Click here

Clipsal have released some new advertisements for their complete range of switches, it’s worth a look, there are some great designs!

“Suit your home, Suit your style, Suit yourself”
“Let your imagination run wild”