May 25, 2010

Trading Terms

  • RETURN OF GOODS: Credits will only be allowed if authorised by a director and at a value calculated by him. Claims for credits must be made in writing within seven days of delivery and invoice number and date be quoted. Goods being returned are at the risk and cost of the customer at all times.
  • DELIVERY: If a customer requests delivery at a place other than our usual place of business, and it is agreed by us to so deliver it shall be at the customer’s expense and risk and delivery shall be deemed to have taken place at the time of the goods leaving our premises. Undelivered goods returning to our premises are at risk and cost of customer at all times and customer shall pay storage and re-delivery costs. Payment is due whether or not the goods have been received.
  • TERMS OF PAYMENT: Not withstanding that the company may from time to time offer extended terms of payment, it reserves the right to require full payment of all indebtedness within the terms stated on the invoice relating to the delivery of goods or provision of services.
  • TITLE TO GOODS: Legal title in the goods shall not pass to the customer until full payment for all monies outstanding has been made; that until such payment has been made property in the goods shall remain with the Supplier who is hereby irrevocably authorised to enter onto any premises to recover any such goods without liability for trespass, negligence or compensation and who reserves the right to dispose of the goods to satisfy any debts outstanding.
  • WARRANTY: We shall have no liability (including liability in negligence) to any party for the loss or damage consequential or otherwise suffered or incurred by any party in relation directly or indirectly from any defect, deficiency, failure or breakdown of any kind of the goods other than such warranties implied by status and common law. Credits allowed by a manufacturer will be passed on to customers.
  • PRICES: Any prices set out, displayed or referred to in any document or price list are for guidance purposes only. All prices are those prevailing at the time of delivery unless indicated otherwise, prices do not include GST.
  • INTEREST WHEN ACCOUNTS ARE OVERDUE: We reserve the right to charge interest monthly at the rate of 2% per month on the monthly balance dated from the invoice due date the goods and services were supplied if account becomes overdue. Part payments shall be firstly applied against interest.
  • RECOVERY COSTS PAYABLE BY THE CUSTOMER: We reserve the right to charge all costs incurred or which may be incurred in recovering or attempting to recover any goods or amount owed by the customer, including any debt collectors commission and any solicitors costs and charges incurred in recovering or attempting to recover any amount owed by the customer. Any part payment shall firstly be credited against interest then debt recovery charges.
  • TERMINATION OF ABILITY TO SUPPLY: Any undertaking by us to supply may be terminated at our option in the event of insolvency of a customer or of execution being levied against any of the goods of the customer or of the customer being placed in receivership or liquidation or a mortgagee enters into possession.
  • EVIDENCE OF AMOUNT OWING: A certificate issued by a director, secretary or manager of this company sent to a customer shall be sufficient evidence at all times of the amount due to the company by a customer.
  • JURISDICTION: The directors of this company reserve the right to specify court jurisdiction for any action taken against the company.